Our Story

Since its inception in May 2008, it has been able to train over 800 youths in computer software, 30 in hardware maintenance and repairs and over 200 adults who came in for the computer literacy program.

We have graduated five batches of trainees most of whom are already working in various establishments in and out of the community.

These achievements have helped to increase awareness of some diseases of public health importance and improve access to better health care services, reduce some crime waves like arm robbery, scamming and prostitution in the community.

Our goal is to empower and promote sustainable development through computer literacy to those vulnerable (youths) to these ills.

What we have in mind is to initially target most of the villages and towns around Limbe Municipality where computer literacy is very low or nonexistent, and later other parts of the nation and the world at large with a view to helping the youths in these areas acquire computer knowledge that should help them get jobs and other openings and so improve themselves and their families financially.

The results we’ve had so far tell us that we are on the right track and will surely succeed.

Our headquarters is in Limbe, Fako Division, South West Region – Cameroon with some consultant co-members in Douala and other towns.